Heating Service

Customers trust the team at Nardone Oil to keep their heating systems running smoothly. Our service staff is made up of certified technicians that can not only make sure your equipment is operating safely, but that it will also function at peak performance to improve efficiency and save you money on heating costs.


Have you scheduled your annual heating system tune-up with Nardone Oil? If the answer is “No” we hope you mean, “Not yet!” A yearly checkup from your local HVAC specialist will provide peace of mind all winter long. Your system will be less likely to malfunction during peak heating months and you will receive a detailed report of your equipment’s current performance standards in the technician’s report.


When it is time for a new heating system installation or equipment upgrade, customers across the Greater Boston area trust us to get the job done. Nardone Oil professionally installs systems that will keep your Massachusetts safe and warm at the right price. Our service team is trained with the most up-to-date best practices to guarantee that your equipment is installed properly.

How old is your current boiler or furnace? If your system is 15 years or older, you could seriously benefit from an upgrade. New heating systems offer efficiencies of 95% or higher, which means better operation and lower energy costs. Contact us to get a quote today.

Protect Your Oil Tank

The TankSure® Program allows us to assess the safety and integrity of your aboveground heating oil tank using an EPA-approved ultrasonic tank test. It’s the best way to keep your tank, your property, and your family protected.

  1. Qualifying tanks receive a $2,500 tank replacement payment to help cover the cost of a replacement.
  2. Using EPA-approved testing technology, ultrasonic equipment detects the level of corrosion inside oil tanks.
  3. This service helps protect your home. Proactive replacement can help avoid costly remediation expenses.
  4. Included is an inspection of common tank components such as legs, seams, fill and vent pipes, oil lines, and vent whistle.
  5. For aboveground non-qualifying tanks, we will give you a $250 replacement credit to upgrade your oil tank.

Contact us today to learn more!

Technician with clipboard in front of boiler


repairman servicing boiler system